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physical security  Our ability to identify and especially to mitigate threats is the strong suit that has set us apart from other worldwide investigative organizations. We have conducted hundreds of reactive threat assessment investigations against bad actors threatening our clients in North America, Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, Africa, and South America. Often working in concert with government entities to either drive the message home or to successfully prosecute the offenders, CTI experts have a long history of working within the US, UK, German and other EU governmental agencies to identify threats, assess them accurately and to provide policy and operational solutions to mitigate these threats. We have provided these services to the high tech industry, multinational corporations, national sports leagues, and high net worth individuals and celebrities. We achieve exacting results through discrete operations and precise, effective threat mitigation.


CTI also works with our clients to proactively anticipate and assess their vulnerabilities. We work to strengthen their layers of protection and prevent exploitation of their reputations, homes, businesses, associations and relationships.