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Lt Col. Keith A. Harper
Founding Partner & Past President of the Counter Threat Institute, International and CTI Protection & Investigation Services, Inc

Lt Col. Harper envisioned CTI as the premier security consulting services corporation to Silicon Valley clients in the areas of: Threat Mitigation, Asset Recovery, Personal Protection, Loss Prevention, Crisis Management, and Reputation Protection. Lt Col. Harper has a Business Management degree from Saint Mary’s College and a graduate degree in Transnational Terrorism Studies. He is a graduate of the 196th session of the FBI National Academy, the Air Command and Staff College, and the Special Investigations Academy in Washington DC. He is a retired military officer, civilian police command officer, and retired US Federal Agent having previously worked with Department of Defense, Justice, and State counterterrorism & counterintelligence agencies, and as an officer on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) in Silicon Valley.


Throughout his law enforcement career Lt Col. Harper has been recognized for his support to communities as a child advocate and for his aggressive pursuit of human traffickers. He has extensive operational investigative service in both the government and private sector throughout the United States, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has written and lectured extensively on Countering Strategic and Tactical Opposition Doctrine; Counterterrorism Investigations; Child Sexual Abuse Investigations, Victim Advocacy, and Advanced Criminal Investigation to senior government leadership, counter-terrorism officials, and criminal investigation agencies in the US and abroad.



Chief (ret) Winfred Tabarelli
Case Manager

Chief Winfred Tabarelli has over 38 years of experience in the German State Police service. He supervised over 2000 police officers and detectives as the police chief for the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Republic of Germany. During his career, Chief Tabarelli also served as the commander of the Homicide Division and has extensive experience supervising international investigations in drug trafficking, organized crime, white collar crime, special surveillance operations and undercover operations. He served as head for the Crime and Criminology Department at the State Police College, and performed duties to professionalize the police in the Eastern European States after the fall of the iron curtain.


Chief Winfred Tabarelli accepted service with the European Union – EU – in 2000 as a project leader for the European Union in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Developing and implementation of a national and international drug strategy. Expert for Euro-Customs in the Baltic States to develop and implement an organizational structure and a nationwide IT-System for Customs to fight against drug-trafficking. Since 2002, Chief Tabarelli has served as the leader of an International Investigative Task Force. Now he is the Senior Investigative Consultant for CTI International and CTI Europe, conducting investigations and operations throughout Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia against network security intrusions, intellectual property theft, asset recovery operations and other forms of cyber attack. Chief Tabarelli is an Honorary Judge of the High Court for Administration in Germany.



Mr. Guy A. Harper
President and CEO

Mr. Harper is the President and CEO of CTI Protection & Investigation Services Inc. and the Counter Threat Institute International. He is also the President of Universal Developing, and Universal Partners Limited and has been in business for over thirty years. Mr. Harper has founded, managed, and led several successful businesses, joint ventures, and investment & construction enterprises that have improved the quality of life of thousands of residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a former municipal law enforcement officer and has provided operational support and investigative assistance to sensitive counter-terrorism operations. Mr. Harper is an expert in construction design, value engineering, infrastructure, and business management. Mr. Harper brings unparalleled business sense and capable leadership to CTI’s management team.


Dr. William
California State Licensed Private Investigator
Dr. William is an experienced California State Licensed private investigator who has worked a myriad of cases covering the spectrum of the security world. Calling upon his real world experience as a State and Federal law enforcement officer, as well as worldwide contacts, he has crafted solutions to some of the most difficult cases. He has also utilized his international academic expertise to interpret and solve some of the more complex multinational security problems. Formerly he was the Dean of student affairs, and associate Dean of recruitment at Henley-Putnam University. An institution which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Intelligence, Counterterrorism and Protection management. In that regard Dr. William has participated in executive decisions that have helped shape the direction of one of the foremost university’s in the high risk security field.


Prior to joining the university, Dr. William was a twenty year veteran of law enforcement. In that capacity he was a criminal investigator with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, participating in SAFE task force, the nation’s first felony enforcement sexual assault prevention unit. Additionally, as an FBI task force agent, and an expert in fugitive tracking, he served in the violent fugitive task force. He apprehended many high profile criminals, including several international fugitives, as well as one of the US Marshals top ten fugitives. He also was a task force member of the REACT high tech unit. Dr. William holds three masters degrees, one in International Relations from San Jose State university, a second in International management from Thunderbird, the Garvin school of international management. His third masters is in political science from the University of Southern California. He also earned a Ph.D in political science, with an emphasis on political violence, from the University of Southern California.


Security Consultant
Joseph is a former Analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, working in Counter-Intelligence and Counter-Narcotics. Joseph has led high-performance teams for security assessment and protection for clients across the country. He has hands-on experience with security assessments, ethical hacking and security tool development. He has provided to clients network assessments, VoIP assessments, network investigations, computer forensics, cellphone forensics, specialized internet tools and internet tracking and investigations.


Joseph is a nationally recognized speaker on security, converged networks and internet safety. He has spoken across the country on the topics of network security, VoIP security, and Internet Predator tracking. He is the developer of Internet Predator Tracker software for Law Enforcement, and the developer of the only public tools for reporting pedophile and predator websites and emails. He also developed other apps such as; CyberWar App, Android SSHSpy App, Android K-9 Pedophile Reporter version, and Android K-9 Mailsleuth App, PI Camera app, and the Work Diary app.


Joseph has worked with Law Enforcement agencies in order to assist with Computer Crime investigations, some of these include:
o Secret Service (tracing Presidential death threats for AOL)
o Air Force OSI
o US Navy Investigative Service
o NYC Police Dept.
o US Customs
o Local law enforcement from almost all of the 50 states


Joseph’s additional training includes, Certified Information Systems Consultant (CISSP), Certified Cisco Network Associate, Certified Cisco Design Associate , National Security Agency INFOSEC Assessment Methodology, Ethical Hacking, InfoSec Institute Netscreen Certified, Network Associates Intrushield certified, Network Associates ePO certified,Network Associates Entercept certified, Certified Email Tracer, Master Email Tracer, Encase Computer Forensics, Telecommunications Fraud Investigator, Hard drive analysis, Data recovery, & Penetration Testing and Analysis.


Joseph’s many affiliations include:
Federal Agents P.B.A Local 121, Association of Former Intelligence Officers, National Association of Investigative Specialists, & the California Institute of Professional Investigators.


He has written a number of investigative books on technology and Internet based investigations. Currently, he is also teaching classes at the PI Classroom. At the PI Classroom, he trains investigators in the area of technology and internet crime investigations.


Chief Lukins (USCG, Retired)
Chief Executive Officer
Lukins & Associates, LLC

Chief Lukins has extensive experience in matters related to environmental and emergency response to include major oil spills and chemical releases, port and maritime safety and security, energy facilities safety and security, law/drug enforcement, customs and INS operations, and anti-terrorism. He has provided services in corporate safety and security issues, and related training support services for energy, chemical and transportation industry clientele, as well as both the U.S. and foreign governments. Chief Lukins has been responsible for developing and leading all levels of training, drills and exercises that focus on Spill Management, Equipment Deployment, HAZWOPER (Hazardous materials response), Crisis Management, Anti-Terrorism, Maritime Security, and Health & Safety.


Chief Lukins completed a twenty- year career with the U.S. Coast Guard (1977-1999, with a one year break of service), gaining invaluable expertise in training, oil and hazardous materials response, law enforcement, safety, occupational safety and health, drug enforcement, maritime security, anti-terrorism, emergency response and hazardous materials operations. He has extensive experience in all phases of emergency and remedial response, both domestic and international, and has lectured domestically and internationally in industrial and collegiate settings on subjects including emergency response, disaster mitigation, terrorism, crisis management, maritime and port security, and environmental response. Chief Lukins’ background also includes developing, conducting and evaluating exercise and drill programs for government and industry, both domestic and internationally, and serving as a subject matter expert in the Incident Command System (ICS), as well as an advisor to both the private and public sector in the field of chemical response.


He served as senior instructor for the U.S. Coast Guard’s Gulf Strike Team and at the National Strike Force Coordination Center, where he developed and implemented the Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) verification program for the National Strike Force. There he developed its protocol for responding to terrorist events. He was a Response Supervisor, responding to numerous incidents of national significance including the EXXON VALDEZ oil spill; AMERICAN TRADER oil spill in Long Beach, CA; Nitro West Virginia Hazardous Waste site; Barge VISTA BELLA oil spill in the Eastern Caribbean; and the SANTA CLARA I chemical response in Charleston, SC, where he led multiple Level A (fully encapsulated) entries into the vessel’s hull to stabilized a highly explosive, potentially lethal atmosphere. In addition, he acted as a response supervisor to Hurricane Hugo, striking Puerto Rico and the East Coast of the United States in September of 1989, and Hurricane Andrew, striking Florida in 1992.


Chief Lukins served as a Subject Matter Expert on the Inter-Agency Board for the U.S. Department of Defense/Department of Justice for chemical response to terrorist activities, where he drafted the Board’s first draft of the Standardized Equipment List (SEL) for response to chemical attacks currently in use by federal, state and local Emergency Response Teams throughout the United States. He is a member of the Energy Security Council (ESC), a national organization comprised of energy company security personnel and senior management, where he also consults the oil and gas industry in planning and responding to potential security incidents to include chemicals and chemical weapons. Previously, Chief Lukins was a member of the U.S. Multi-agency Drug Task Force, where he was responsible for drug interdiction, surveillance and intelligence. The Task Force was comprised of members from U.S. Customs, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the U.S. military, and state and local law enforcement.


He assisted several petroleum companies in forming new Security Divisions by, among other things, drafting the outlines and developing security and crisis management plans. He drafted the traditional and electronic security plans for onshore and offshore facilities. The program involved drafting a pre-audit checklist, an audit checklist and a post-audit review. Further, he assisted numerous federal, state and local agencies as well as industry in the development of their emergency response policies regarding oil and chemical emergencies.


Chief Lukins has strong international experience in all previously mentioned areas, including conducting security, crisis management, and emergency response operations in more than 100 countries, and has lectured in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and throughout the Americas.During his time as a member of the USCG National Strike Force, and after retiring, as a consultant, Chief Lukins worked extensively with oil spill documentation, to include verification of oil spill activities and project accountability. Chief Lukins spearheaded a team of response experts in assisting clients by engaging in detailed audits of contractor documentation, saving clients millions of dollars in unauthorized cleanup costs.


Chief Lukins also serves as Vice President, Global Relations for Vyper Adamas; a company on the cutting edge of security vehicles, and holds the exclusive rights to ACE Security Laminates, the world’s most advanced laminate for the protection of glass (vehicles and buildings) in California, and is ACE Security Laminates’ preferred dealer.


Chief Lukins’ education and training includes, but has not been limited to:


  • Senior Leadership Management
  • Seaport Security and Anti-terrorism
  • Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Dockside Examiner
  • USCG Facilitator Course
  • Union Carbide’s Hazardous Materials Transportation Emergencies Training
  • Marine Environmental Systems Petty Officer’s Course
  • Modesto Regional Criminal Justice Training Center
  • Small Arms (weapons) Instructor
  • The National River Academy
  • Occupation Respiratory Protection Course
  • Field Oil Identification Laboratory Course
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
  • Incident Command System 100-400
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Seaport Security Anti-Terrorism Training Program (FLETC)
  • Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Enforcement (TNOA)
  • Worker Protection Standards for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (EPA)
  • USCG Law Enforcement (USCG)
  • Boarding Officer (USCG)
  • Military Civil Rights (USCG)
  • Offshore Petroleum Platform Operations (Chevron Petroleum)
  • Facilitators Course (USCG)
  • Marine Safety Unit Training Instructor (USCG)
  • Fundamentals of Occupational Safety (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Facility Security Officer’s Course
  • FEMA Introduction to Incident Command System – ICS-100 for Law Enforcement (IS-00100,LEa)
  • FEMA ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents, ICS-200 (IS-00200.a)
  • FEMA Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness Course (IS-00546.a)
  • FEMA Special Needs Planning Considerations for Emergency Management (IS-00197.EM)
  • FEMA Mission Assignment Overview (IS-00293)
  • FEMA Fundamentals of Emergency Management (IS-00230.a)
  • FEMA NIMS Communications and Information Management (IS-00704)
  • FEMA Nuclear/Radiological Incident Annex (IS-00836)
  • FEMA Introduction to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas (IS-00520)
  • HAZWOPER Refresher
  • ICS Refresher
  • FEMA Exercise Design (IS-00139)
  • FEMA Introduction to Incident Command System ICS-100 (IS-00100.b)
  • FEMA Developing and Managing Volunteers (IS-00244a)
  • Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness (JKO Joint Chiefs of Staff)
  • Active Shooter (IS-00907)
  • FEMA Emergency Program Manager – An Orientation to the Position (IS-0001)
  • Maritime Law Enforcement
  • Marine Science, Metrology and Oceanography


California State Licensed Private Investigator

Nacho has over 30 years of specialized security and investigative experience, and has successfully operated companies that specialized in the jewelry, executive and celebrity protection industry. He has been a team leader on multiple protection details and orchestrated jewelry and high risk transports across the U.S. with local, State and Federal law enforcement agents transporting $3M to $80M daily. He has also served as a member of a Police Department Oral Board Committee and as contract background investigator for their new recruits.


His experience in investigations, high risk transports, executive and celebrity protection has allowed him to consult on many start up security companies from concept to creation and various projects within the security realm. He holds a multitude of licenses and certifications within the security industry and has obtained a wealth of knowledge, training, and experience. He passes on this knowledge to others through instruction and mentoring in order to make a noticeable difference in the security industry.