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tscm2  High net worth individuals, corporations, organizations and government entities that need to protect their strategic planning efforts, prevent potential embarrassment, guard their reputations, and safeguard their corporate operations know CTI’s former government technical experts are the best trained and equipped specialists capable of identifying optical, infrared, radio, laser, sound wave and magnetic collection devices.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is the process of identifying and removing any type of electronic listening or video surveillance device. These devices can be used by anyone today in order to covertly listen to your conversations or to covertly watch you.


TSCM is the practice of finding these devices and being able to expertly remove them so that the evidence is preserved so that you can prosecute the individual that installed these devices. In order to do this we use a wide variety of equipment to identify the surveillance gear.




Here are just a few examples of ways that we look for covert surveillance:


• Telephone line sweeps
• Room debugging using electronics sweeping antenna’s
• Visual assessment devices looking for hidden video cameras
• Multi-spectrum frequency sweeps
• Computer sweeps for surveillance software
• Cellphone Spyware sweeps




Most locations can be swept following standard procedure, but here at CTI, we evaluate each situation on it’s own in order to provide you services above and beyond what any other firm can provide you. Our experts are so good they have even identified short circuiting wires in the homes of our clients. When your meeting, home, board room or office absolutely must be protected and your information kept secret, call the CTI TSCM team.