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The threat of being harmed by an active shooter is more common than ever today, and the threat is virtually everywhere: at school, home, & work. CTI can convert your home closet, business conference room or any small room into a safe(r) room. Traditionally, safe rooms and panic rooms were built with thick concrete, steel, and heavy construction. CTI uses technology to create safe(r) rooms at a fraction of the cost of a traditional safe room.


We use a micro-thin transparent window laminate which revolutionizes regular glass windows into barriers that can resist the force of small arms fire, explosives, high impact projectiles and extreme weather conditions. Bullet resistant doors with metal frames with 20 point locking systems that prevent shooters from simply shooting the door lock to gain entry. We can customize the room to your specifications. Ballistic Kevlar panels can make interior walls bullet resistant. Wide view secure peepholes can be added to your door. Some of our clients choose generators for emergency power, alarm buttons and dedicated emergency telephone lines.


We use the term safe(r) rooms instead of safe rooms because we do not consider any room totally safe. A room such as this provides a secure location and buys time for law enforcement to arrive.