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asset recovery  Recovery of lost and stolen assets is both a science and an art, both of which CTI has mastered time and time again. We use our extensive worldwide investigative network to locate your assets, then use the full spectrum of our creative genius to identify the correct methods to entice thieves, con-artists, and fraudsters to willingly provide the evidence we need to get them to surrender your stolen assets. We have done this using modern psychological profiling techniques, a bit of “Hollywood”, and careful tailoring, to create precisely the counter-confidence operation required to deliver positive results.


Our Asset Recovery team has a long history of success using creative methods to locate hidden assets and recover stolen and defrauded funds. We use time-tested and effective techniques to find your assets and secure them for you. We are also fully versed in the approaches and steps necessary to build a compelling case if court action is required. We identify risk areas and advise on preventative measures to reduce incidents of fraud and to defend our clients if fraud is alleged.