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   CTI’s Cybersecurity Group provides not only cybersecurity and cyber investigations, but we also provide Cybersecurity protection.


This is done by providing a network security assessment and then using the results of that assessment in order to shore up your defenses from external attacks. We then move into the next layer of security which includes the use of Secur-ID tokens, encryption of databases and files. We then go to one of our favorite security tools, IDS, or Intrusion Detection Systems. There are a number of them to choose from, however we have a favorite that we have deployed hundreds of times. The IDS that we like to use is SNORT.


While SNORT is free and Open-Source, it allows for a number of customizing options and the evaluation of the code if needed. This allows for a more secure installation of the IDS. Plus, with SNORT you can also deploy this on a number of smaller platforms for even more speed and flexibility.


So, when you are looking for Cybersecurity solutions, you have one place to go to, and that is CTI, where we can provide you:


• Network Assessments
• Black Hat Assessments
• External Network Security
• Internal Security Options


When you need a situation resolved, CTI Cybersecurity group is there to provide you the right solution for your situation.