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  • Undercover operations which shut down human trafficking enterprises throughout the SF Bay Area

  • Designed evidence collecting sting operations using Ab-scam type techniques which target criminal enterprises

  • We are uniquely experienced at conducting clandestine operations that snare trafficking subjects & used that leverage to shut them down permanently

  • Our law enforcement, prosecution, & intelligence agency experience ensure effective civil & criminal prosecution


Successful Operations

  •  Code Enforcement Operations

  •  Undercover Operations

  •  Open Source Collections of Criminal Marketing

  •  Physical Evidence Collections

  •  Sting Operations


Typical investigations involve criminal surveillance & undercover operations to test allegations. We conduct open source information collections & use clandestine physical evidence operations to gather criminal intelligence. We follow the money & identify those profiting from the criminal enterprise. Then we design a strategy to gather admissions of guilt by the mid to high tier offenders in a sting operation. Accurate reports & evidence is then presented to prosecutors & civil litigators which they can use to crush these operations permanently & completely.

Flow Chart Of Typical Human Trafficking Proactive Investigation

How We Succeed