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   Cybersecurity services at CTI have grown and grown over the past year. In 2015 we have seen the rise of the “hacktivist.” These are hackers that break into networks for a cause and by doing so, they justify what they are doing. This is making more and more hackers bolder in their attacks and therefore they will go after any target to try and make a name for themselves.


Here at CTI, we have on staff CISSP certified security consultants that can provide:


• Network Security Assessments
• PBX Security Assessments
• Converged Network Security Assessment
• Internal Network Security Assessment


By providing these types of assessments, we can look at the security of your external-facing network, which is what these hackers and “hacktivists” will go after first before they do anything else.


One of the areas that CTI is the leader in is Converged Network Security, which is the most common network that is used by businesses today. The biggest issues with a Converged Network is that this is a data network, in other words your network. But, here is the issue, today’s PBX, your voice network is ALSO connected to your data network. So, the real question is, have you secured BOTH of these networks??? Because most PBX networks are NOT secured!