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   Aerial platforms are a part of CTI’s equipment arsenal that we have used on a number of cases for our clients. By using these assets, we are able to glean a better visual overview of the situation and gain the upper hand by having “eyes in the sky.” In addition, we are able to access hard-to-reach areas and provide active intelligence on in a variety of situations. When it comes to CTI’s aerial platform hardware, we do not use “off-the-shelf” devices. Our units are custom-made and we use software developed specifically for our purposes. This combination provides our clients with a very powerful tool allowing CTI to help solve complex problems very quickly.


From aerial surveillance, roaming patrols, and covert surveillance to active intelligence gathering, CTI aerial platforms allow you to have the best team at your disposal for your situation. Using our aerial platforms will allow not only a secure situation, but we can provide the active intelligence to ensure that you stay secure and informed when you need to.


Here at CTI we have used our aerial platforms in:


• Surveillance of large land areas
• Surveillance of warehouses
• Surveillance of automobile and transports
• Collection of active intelligence




Here at CTI, we strive to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of technology. And one of the current technologies that are used today, is that of Drones. Drones are used by everyone from your neighbors to the government. And these drones are used to take photos, videos, surveillance, or just for playing around by a neighbor.


With these drones becoming such an invasion of privacy into your life, CTI is here to help provide you the latest in privacy and protection services and technology. We can provide you Anti-Drone services for your location.


Using CTI developed solutions will allow us to provide you protection from these drones in order to provide you the security and privacy that you deserve. If this is something that you are looking for or considering, please contact CTI for further information about our Anti-Drone