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CTI has a unique capacity to consult with individuals that are in crisis within their partnerships and are experiencing gaslighting. Within that context, CTI has the ability to creatively address those specific situations or problems.


For example CTI has proven methodologies that are strictly confidential and protected by secured communications/privacy protection (NDA) with safeguards of client/attorney privileges. We tailor an approach to formulate a highly individualistic solution to address your needs.


It is in our experience within these conflicts that our usage of highly sophisticated individuals we engage in the processes of:


  • Assist in personal protection and/or home threat assessments. TRO’s & Guard service.

  • Safeguarding and testing of personal electronic devices from spyware, GPS, tracking equipment, cameras, bugging

  • Surveillance, counter-surveillance, tracking & tracing of individuals and relationships.

  • Finding hidden assets (domestically & internationally) and protecting your existing interests.


Whether you’re being gaslighted, electronically bugged or surveyed, followed, threatened or you believe your partner has hidden mutual assets, we can blend any combination of the above to compose a creative solution.